Thursday, January 15, 2015


Probably our family's most used recipe.... popcorn!  Please, please, please, do not buy "microwave" popcorn!  It is so bad for you... just google microwave popcorn risks, or dangers and you'll find that those products are coated with chemicals that are KNOWN carcinogens, KNOWN carcinogens, can you believe it?

Anyway, this family loves popcorn and this is how we make it in our house, in about 5 minutes.

Here is what you need:

Organic Coconut Oil (has a high smoke point)
popcorn (we use organic, non-gmo)
Himalayan Pink Sea Salt

Coconut oil is stable at room temperature, but melts very quickly.  
Turn your burner to high and use enough coconut oil to coat the bottom of your pan,
we use about 1/2 T, you do not need a lot!
If after it melts, the bottom is not coated, at another 1/2 t, or so, until it is coated.  

Next, add enough popcorn to cover the bottom of your pan.  
Our pan takes 1/2 C.

Finally, PUT THE LID ON!
Ha, you would eventually figure this out on your own, but, just in case.
Give the pan a few shakes to coat the kernels.
Soon, the popping will commence!  

When the popping slows down to only 1 pop every 5 seconds or so, 
remove it from the burner and pour into bowls and sprinkle with salt.

See? Toddler tested AND approved!

Of course, you may put a little butter, if you think it still needs it, but, PLEASE use actual butter, not margarine, or butter spread.... again, chemicals.  Trust me, the fat us much better for you than those chemicals.  

Instead of butter, however, you might want to try a little squeeze of a lemon, or hot sauce, or some apple cider vinegar, or add a spice like cumin.... so many options! Just make sure whatever you top on that yummy popcorn is natural, not natural flavorings, but an actual natural substance.  

Oh, and if you REALLY think you need to use that microwave, put about 1/4 C popcorn into a brown paper lunch bag, roll down the top, put it in the microwave for several minutes. As soon as the popping lessens, remove, pour and top with your favorite toppings. But the stove-top version is MUCH better!

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