Wednesday, January 14, 2015


I found this little nugget today!  Of course chickens that eat better are going to have better eggs!  Always try to get organic eggs, but if price is an issue, which it is with us, at least go for free-range and Omega-3... the don't just taste better, they ARE better!
Eggs High in Omega-3—Are They Worth It? 
We set up a blind tasting of eggs containing levels of omega-3 from around 50 mg per egg (the standard amount in ordinary supermarket eggs) up to 310 mg per egg. Our finding: The more omega-3, the richer the egg flavor and the deeper the yolk color. Why? Commercially raised chickens usually peck on corn and soy, while chickens on omega-3-enriched diets have supplements of greens, flaxseeds, and algae, which add flavor, complexity, and color. When shopping, look carefully for products that guarantee at least 200 mg per egg.

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